Stock Spinoff Websites

This website is great for tracking recent and up-coming spinoffs. I recommend you subscribe to their newsletter if you want to receive up to date info regarding the latest spinoffs. The authors do not analyze the spinoffs for investment merit (for the most part) but do a nice job of providing the latest spinoff news.

This is another great site. The author tracks what’s going on in the special situation world (spinoffs, thrift conversions, etc.). I subscribe to this site for daily updates.

This is a website that just popped up on my radar. The author tracks spinoffs and special situations. It is excellent. The author highlights special situations in which you can make outsized returns. For instance, recently the author highlighted a special situation where investors could have made $1,000 in a week by participating in Kansas City Life’s “take private” tender offer.

This is another site to keep on your radar. This site provides spinoff research for institutional investors. An annual subscription costs $24,000.  You will often see Joe Cornell (owner of site) quoted in Barron’s regarding his opinion on recent spinoffs. Also, occasionally Joe will publish blogs posts that analyze recent spinoffs.


Stock Spinoff Articles

The link above will bring you to a November 2015 issue of Value Investor Insight. In the issue, institutional investors (including Marray Stahl from Horizon Kinetics) discuss spinoff investing and how the opportunity has changed over time. It is a must read.


Stock Spinoff Performance

The link above will bring you to a price chart of the Horizon Kinetics Global Spin-Off Index. You can see that the performance since inception in 2004 has been spectacular.

Extra Spinoff Info

We recently reviewed all the stock spinoff studies that we could find to identify the characteristic  of stock spinoffs that outperform.

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