Exelon Potential Spin-off Notes

January 11, 2022 Update

  • Exelon has filed form 10
  • Constellation is the name of the spin and held an analyst call on January 11, 2022
  • Constellation plans on paying $180m ($0.55 per share) in dividends the first year after the spin, subject to approval by the board
  • They are currently 90% carbon-free and plan to move to 100% by 2040
  • Constellation generates 162.6 MWh of carbon-free energy compared to its biggest competitor NextEra that generates 98.7 MWh of carbon-free energy
  • Also, it only takes Constellation 98 lbs of carbon per MWh compared to NextEra’s 482 lbs/MWh
  • Constellation will provide 10% of all carbon-free power in the US
  • RemainCo will operate