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Spin-off Links – June 2021

Spin-off Links - June 2021 The spin-off bonanza continues. As the global economy recovers, companies that had halted their spin-off plans are now moving forward with them. And new companies are announcing break up plans in the never ending quest to create value. As a result, we are staying super busy. While it’s hard to [...]

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Spin-off Links – May 2021

Spin-off Links - May 2021 New Spin-off Announcements AT&T Inc.(T) announced that it had reached a deal to spin off WarnerMedia (CNN, HBO, TNT, TBS, and Warner Bros. studio) and simultaneously merge it with Discovery Inc. (DISCA), creating a new publicly traded company. The move comes just three years after AT&T’s creation of WarnerMedia through [...]

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Spin-offs with Insider Buying (May 2021)

Spin-offs with Insider Buying (May 2021) This month, we have three (two new names and one name we’ve highlighted before) spin-offs with notable insider buying. Let’s go in alphabetical order. Apartment Investment & Management (AIV) Late last year, Apartment Investment & Management (AIV), known as Aimco, spun off Apartment Income REIT (AIRC). At the time, [...]

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Spin-off Links – April 2021

Spin-off Links - April 2021 Recently Announced Spin-offs Dell (DELL) announced last Wednesday that it plans to proceed with the spinoff of its 81% ownership of enterprise software maker, VMware, which it intends to complete in the fourth quarter of 2021. The announcement should not come as a surprise as the company said in July [...]

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Insider Buying at Spin-offs (March 2021)

Spin-offs with Insider Buying (March 2021) This month, there has been a surprisingly large amount of insider buying. As usual, we will go in alphabetical order. Arconic Inc (ARNC) Arconic is a 2020 spin-off from Howmet Aerospace (HWM). It is focused on global rolled products, aluminum extrusions, and building and construction systems. Think large customized [...]

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Spin-off Links – March 2021

Spin-off Links - March 2021 There has been a ton of news in the spin-off world (both recent spins and new announcements) and I’ve been cranking out deep dives. It’s a weird time in the market. There are definite areas of froth (SPACs, EV companies, meme stocks, etc.), but at the same time, I’m finding [...]

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Why You Need to Use Twitter

Why You Need to Use Twitter I’ve wanted to write this article for a while. I delayed it time and again because I wanted to add more material. But I figure I will just publish this version, and then update the article over time. From 2006 to 2018, I worked at a large investment manager [...]

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Insider Buying at Spin-offs (February 2021)

Spin-offs with Insider Buying (February 2021) This month, we saw some insider buying, but to be honest, there’s been more selling than buying. On the buying side, we will highlight Arlo Technologies (ARLO) and Dorchester Minerals (DMLP). On the selling side, we will highlight ANGI Homeservices (ANGI) and Bluebird Bio (BLUE). Let’s start with the [...]

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Spin-off Links – February 2021

Spin-off Links - February 2021 Before we get into recent spin-off news, I just wanted to highlight that I’m offering a 25% off discount on annual subscriptions to my premium service until Friday, Feb 5 at 5pm ET.  Enter code “save25” at checkout if the code doesn’t automatically populate. Sign up here!  Now is a [...]

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Spin-offs with Insider Buying (January 2021)

Spin-offs with Insider Buying (January 2021) This week, we have some insider buying as well as some selling. Let’s go in alphabetical order… Arlo Technologies Arlo (ARLO) is a 2018 spin-off from Netgear (NTGR). Until recently, it has been an absolute disaster. It makes wireless cameras and has a loyal following. Competition is fierce with [...]

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Spin-off Links – January 2021

Spin-off Links - January 2021 Recently Announced Spin-offs Encompass Health (EHC) recently announced that it is exploring strategic alternatives for its home health and hospice business. While the plans aren’t set in stone, the company is considering an IPO, spin-off, merger, or sale. The home health and hospice business accounts for 24% of 2019 revenues. [...]

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BBX Capital: A Dollar Selling for 30 Cents

BBX Capital: A Dollar Selling for 30 Cents December 28, 2020 Ticker: BBXIA Market Cap: $94MM Enterprise Value: $40MM Price: $4.85 Fair Value: $7.50 Upside: 55% Background While I closely follow all stock spin-offs, I’m especially drawn to the tiny ones. They are too small for institutional investors (and most retail investors), and sometimes I [...]

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Spin-offs with Insider Buying (December 2020)

Spin-offs with Insider Buying (December 2020) Starting today, I will be publishing a monthly article looking at spin-offs with insider buying. Many great investors advocate investing in stock spin-offs including Peter Lynch. Here’s what Peter Lynch recommended in his book One Up on Wall Street: [Spin-offs] are  a fertile area for amateur investors…….A month or [...]

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Spin-off Links – December 2020

Spin-off Links - December 2020 Recently Announced Spin-offs XPO Logistics (XPO) recently announced that it will be spinning off its logistics business. Over the past year, management has been deliberating on how to unlock value given the company is trading at a discount. Management believes that by spinning-off the logistics segment, the structure of the [...]

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Stock Spin-off Investing Interview with Maj Soueidan

Stock Spin-off Interview with Maj Soueidan Recently, Maj Soueidan of Geoinvesting interviewed me about a variety of topics including: My background Investing in spin-offs Whether it makes sense to invest in the parent or the spin-off Spin-offs I like today War stories (i.e. spin-off investing gone wrong!) I really enjoyed  the conversation. Maj [...]

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Interview with Jim Royal on Thrift Investing

Interview with Jim Royal on Thrift Investing Last week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Jim Royal, on his new book, The Zen of Thrift Conversions. You can watch the entire interview at the bottom of this page. I highly recommend his book which you can purchase here. Also, be sure to check out [...]

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Why You Should Invest in NLSN

Why You Should Invest in NLSN This article was written by Charlie Waters. Charlie has been in the online content world for over 25 years as a freelance writer, covering a wide variety of topics. As an investor, you should track as many companies as possible to be able to spot attractive opportunities. The key [...]

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Spin-off Links – August 2020

Spin-off Links - August 2020 Recently Announced Spin-offs Aaron’s Inc. (AAN), a leading omnichannel provider of lease-purchase solutions, announced that it intends to split into two companies: Progressive Leasing and the Aaron’s Business. The spin-off is expected to be completed by the end of the year. Progressive Leasing is Aaron’s division which partners with third party [...]

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Spin-off Links – July 2020

Spin-off Links - July 2020 Recently Announced Spin-offs On July 15, 2020, Dell Technologies (DELL), announced that it is exploring spinning off its 80.1% stake in VMWare (VMW). This transaction has long been rumored and makes a lot of sense. Currently, Dell has a market cap of $44BN and its VMW stake is worth $47BN. Dell [...]

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Spin-off Links – June 2020

Odds and Ends We are running a special 25% off sale on annual subscriptions to our premium newsletter, Stock Spin-off Investing. Just enter code “oddlot” to save 25%. Sign up here! The coupon expires Friday, June 12, 2020 at 5pm ET. Recently Announced Spin-offs On March 16, 2020, Sharp Corporation (SHCAY), announced that it would be [...]

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Lessons Learned Shorting Micro-Caps

Lessons Learned Shorting Micro-Caps In March, I wrote the article: Ticker Confusion Leads to Opportunity Short ZOOM. This is a follow- up article to share: How the trade worked out. Lessons learned. In short (pun intended), the trade worked. I was able to short 800 shares of ZOOM on March 17, 2020 at an average [...]

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Spin-off Links – April 2020

Spin-off Links - April 2020 Before we get into the spin-off news, I want to highlight several deep dives that we’ve recently published for our premium subscribers: Otis Spin-off Deep Dive Carrier Spin-off Deep Dive Arconic Spin-off Deep Dive Howmet Aerospace Deep Dive Recently Announced Spin-offs On February 24, 2020, Sanofi (SNY) announced that it will [...]

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Interview with 8020 Connect

We recently had the opportunity to speak  with Ernest Granson of 8020 Connect. The topic of our conversation? Spin-offs of course! In the conversation we covered: How do spin-offs benefit individual investors? How have spin-offs performed as an "asset class"? Why 2019 spin-offs underperformed. Why spin-offs usually start trading at low valuations. Why operational [...]

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Investing in a Recession

Investing in a Recession The US economy and world economy are likely already in a recession. A recession is defined as two quarters in a row of negative GDP growth. Goldman Sachs estimates Q1 2020 GDP will shrink by 6% while Q2 2020 US GDP will drop by 24% due to decreased business and consumer spending [...]

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Spin-off Links – March 2020

Odds and Ends I recently recorded a couple video interviews with Greggory Miller. See them here: Why You Should Keep an Investment Journal How I Analyze a Spin-off Recently Announced Spin-offs On February 24, 2020, Sanofi (SNY) announced that it will be spinning off its active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) manufacturing business through an IPO in 2022. [...]

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Why You should Keep an Investment Journal

This week, Greggory Miller and I continue our series on spin-off investing and other topics. In the below video, we discuss: Why you should start a blog or keep an investment journal. Lessons learned from spin-off failures. Our thoughts on the impact of the coronavirus. What stocks look interesting at current levels. We discussed [...]

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How I Analyze a Spin-off

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Greggory Miller of Spinoff Investing Simplified. In the video, we discussed my spin-off investing diligence process and some resources that would be helpful to those doing their own spin-off research. Feel free to skip to 4:53 of the video unless you want to hear me talk [...]

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Spin-off Links – January 2020

Spin-off Links - January 2020 Odds and Ends We are running a special sale through February 3rd. The code “save25” will get you 25% off an annual subscription. Sign up here! Is the snow and cold already getting to you? Come to the Moneyshow conference in Orlando! I will be giving a presentation on spin-offs. [...]

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