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Sell to Open KVUE Jan 2026 $21.50 

March 12, 2024

Trade Details

This trade is only for those long who are long the KVUE Jan 2026 $18 Call.

Kenvue (KVUE) has started to rebound from its recent post-spin sell-off, and it’s approaching levels where we can generate attractive premium income from covered call sales.

Recommendation: Sell KVUE April 26 $21.5 Call


Place the following roll trade for a CREDIT:

Sell to Open KVUE April 26 2024 $21.5 CALL

Aim for a CREDIT of between $0.40 to $0.60 per contract (you will receive between $40 and $60 per contract traded in option premium as income into your account).

Make sure the number of calls you write does not exceed the number of January 2026 KVUE calls you already own.

This is how the trade looks on Fidelity’s platform but should appear similar regardless of which brokerage you are using.


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