Why You Should Invest in NLSN

This article was written by Charlie Waters. Charlie has been in the online content world for over 25 years as a freelance writer, covering a wide variety of topics.

As an investor, you should track as many companies as possible to be able to spot attractive opportunities.

The key to actually making money through investing is arguably patience. Patience in the sense that when you invest in something that you have determined is a wise investment, you stick to it, even if it doesn’t generate a profit straight away.

So logically, it follows that one could just invest in a certain number of stocks and then allow their value to grow, instead of constantly selling old holdings to buy new shares. And this is a good strategy in a sense, but the stock market can also be unpredictable.

You need to be careful about your decisions before you actually commit to anything. It’s not as simple as deciding on a few stocks at random, buying those shares and expecting to see a good return, you need to make intelligent choices and invest in companies with attractive fundamentals and cheap valuations.

This is why our discussion brings us to Nielsen Holdings (NLSN), which has stable revenue, high margins, and an attractive valuation.

Before we discuss why NLSN is