Market Champions Podcast

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Srivatsan Prakash on his podcast.

Fun fact about Srivatsan: He’s been podcasting since 2019 but is only 18!!

Fun fact #2: He convinced Jim Rogers (as in the business partner to George Soros) to come on his podcast.

It was a ton of fun talking with Srivatsan.

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Here’s what we covered:

1:18: My background

6:05: What do you look for in terms of identifying a successful spin-off?

8:45: No brainer investment opportunities

11:21: Investment case for Nexpoint Diversified REIT (NXDT)

16:45: What is the bear case for NXDT?

21:39: MMM Special Situation

28:56: How did I find big winner, Thungela Resources?

37:59: Why focus on spin-offs rather than other special situations?

41:22: Are there more or fewer spin-off and special situation opportunities now vs. 20 years ago?

47:00: Why are small cap and micro cap spin-offs the most interesting?