Value Investing Q&A Series – Brown University

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to talk about spin-offs (and answer questions) with members of the Value Investing community at Brown University. It was a lot of fun!

What we covered:

  • My background (0:57)
  • Why I focus on spin-offs (1:49)
  • What resources would I recommend for students to learn about spin-offs / special situations (9:27)
  • How did you find Thungela Resources and what is your view on the company? (11:45)
  • How did you find the ECN Capital opportunity and what was your thesis? (19:46)
  • What are your thoughts on Garrett Motion? (25:52)
  • What are some of your biggest winners? (32:44)
  • Why do you focus on spin-offs as opposed to other special sits? (39:39)
  • What are your favorite non-investing books? (44:00)
  • What is your thesis for NexPoint Diversified Trust? (57:00)