Spin-off Links – October 2021

Before we get into this month’s spin-off news I just wanted to highlight that I will be raising prices on my premium newsletter at the end of the month (October 31 at midnight).

The annual subscription will increase by 51% from $419/year to $635/year.

The monthly subscription will increase by 42% from $44/month to $67/month.

Why the price hike?

  • Good returns: +25.7% on average beating S&P500 by 11.1% (average holding period 12 months).
  • Monthly Live Calls with commentary on spin-off market.
  • Newly launched member chat so you can ask me questions and share ideas with other subscribers.
  • Deep dives on upcoming spin-offs (just published one on Sylvamo)

And from my perspective, $635 is still cheap. If you had invested $5,000 in Thungela when I said to….

To be clear, if you are an existing subscriber or subscribe before month end, this price hike will not impact you.

So sign up now!

Alright, let’s