Spin-off Links – August 2021

Before we get into this month’s spin-off news I just wanted to highlight some research I did on Thungela Resources.

It is a spin-off from Anglo American, and at first blush, looks unappealing.

However, if you dig beneath the surface, it gets a lot more interesting.

In short, it’s crazy cheap (1.8x ‘21 current earnings), has no debt, and is going to return significant cash to shareholders (has pledged to pay out at least 30% as a dividend). And insiders are buying in the open market.

You can read my analysis here.

I highlighted this pick to my subscribers about a month ago (it’s +54.7% since then), but I think there is a ton more upside ahead.

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Alright let’s get into this month’s spin-off news….

New Spin-off Announcements

Post Holdings (POST) announced that it will be distributing a significant holding in BellRin